Saturday, November 27

lucky 5555 contest

Are You The Lucky One? Come on, grab it!
lucky 5555 visitors contest
Currently the number is 5093 (27/11/10 12.38am)
Currently the number is 5221 (27/11/10 12.38pm)
:: instruction ::
  • Just take a picture of 5555 at the right top of this blog which is -: penjaga pelawat :-
  • Then, send ur picture to this email
  • Sometimes, overlapping happen to this counter. So, the first lucky one to send the pic will be awarded.
  • The prize is RM 55.55
  • Share to ur friends if you want this counter run quickly


N@di@ said...

sapa2 jake awak dapt grap no 5555 ni dapt rm55.55 :D or sapa pling awal so letaklah jam igital kat no tu dear heheheh memandai ja kan nadia :D

p[A]n[A]d[0]L© said...

my febret no..
5555 & rm55.55

apsal x bg trus rm5555 gak..
[pokai trus tuan umah]

Syira C Gadis KidaL said...


singgah sini...

matcargo said...

Alamak sekali instruction bahasa inggeris laa pulak... kui kui kui dah aku punya BI tak pandai tahap cipan nie..